website Louis Vuitton Bisri Embroidery Tablecloth Napkins Bokja

Special creation for OC special +Travel High Watch Making. Revisiting our classical embroideries as table sets and cushions for the special event that was held in Courchevel.

Shader Bokja Homepage sustainable

Beginning with the trucks that transport fruits and vegetables, Bokja repurposed the traditional shader, or duck cloth, used to protect goods across long distances.

showroom monkey business tapestry bokja

In our textile stories, monkeys- a reflection of ourselves- frolick across a tactile landscape of bleeding trees and fading coral reefs, occupied with their distractions- a beauty mask, headphones, and emojis.

The Ring of Life at Dubai Design Week Bokja installation

Bokja participated to Dubai’s Design District from November 8 - 13, with its latest installation ironically titled “Let’s Talk About the Weather”

Migration Sofa at Li Edelkoort Museum Coverpage Bokja

Inspired by the new reality of the world, people forever on the move in search of a new beginning.