showroom monkey business tapestry bokja

In our textile stories, monkeys- a reflection of ourselves- frolick across a tactile landscape of bleeding trees and fading coral reefs, occupied with their distractions- a beauty mask, headphones, and emojis.

The Ring of Life at Dubai Design Week Bokja installation

Bokja participated to Dubai’s Design District from November 8 - 13, with its latest installation ironically titled “Let’s Talk About the Weather”

Migration Sofa at Li Edelkoort Museum Coverpage Bokja

Inspired by the new reality of the world, people forever on the move in search of a new beginning.

Bokja Laura Gonzales Homepage 1

A special collaboration with our favorite designer Laura Gonzalez! A pleasure to have worked on a fine-looking bed cover embroidered by our skilled artisans.

I am with her lara baladi bokja

‘I AM WITH HER,’ f rom the series, ‘River of Life’; Lara Baladi in collaboration with Bokja Design - Huda Baroudi & Maria Hibri Embroidery and appliqués on mixed textiles based on aphotomontage by Lara Baladi. 260X210CM. Beirut, Lebanon, 2021.

Monkey Business Bokja Tapestry

Throughout time and across cultures, the three wise monkeys are iconic visual cues to ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.’