Bokja bees

As a crusade for the endangered bees, a series of installations was initiated to raise awareness about the disappearing honeybees and to keep the little champions buzzing.

Bokja armchair migration

Migration Stories reference people on the move - an experience everyone will recognise and relate to.

Hanging on Bokja thumbnail

As a commemoration of the 50th anniversary for Phoenicia Hotel, we concocted a cartographical installation inspired by Beirut’s pre-war glory days.

bokja Conversation Sofa 15

The S-Shaped sofa presented two sofas - not as in dependant and final objects - but as a collection of stories pieced together from a vibrant collage of different contemporary and vintage fabrics from around the world.

bokja installation wearetyred3 169

The installation was first shown in Beirut as a peace protest against the burning of tyres, a campaign quickly fueled by countless responses online and in social media from around the world.

women totem 169

Women, Women, Women is an artistic intervention represented by five sculptures of women. Each totem, made of stacked poufs upholstered with textiles gathered from around the world, represents female attributes:  independence, empathy, compassion, nurturance, and strength.

happy tree bokja thumbnail

The Bokja Happy tree is based on an ancient tradition of hanging wishes on a tree. Our tree asks its viewers to take a moment and think “What makes you happy?”