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Bokja Bug

Salone del Mobile Milan, Italy 2010 Our debut installation was a once dilapidated Volkswagen Beetle dressed up in a surprisingly cheerful and textural patchwork of clashing fabrics. Each textile swatch had been lovingly upholstered onto the vehicle’s surface, each stitch taking the derelict machine further away from the death knell of the scrapheap and closer Bokja Bug

Bokja Bees

“Wait and See” concept store Milano, Italy Sotheby’s at Sudeley Castle, UK 2011 As a crusade for the endangered bees, a series of installation was initiated to raise awareness about the disappearing honeybees and to keep the little champions buzzing. A regal Queen Bee was exhibited at Wait & See Concept Store during the Salone Bokja Bees

Arab Seasons

Sultan Gallery, Kuwait City, Kuwait, 2011 Arab Seasons, Institut du monde arabe, Paris, France 2012 In the Sufi poem by Farid Ud-Din Attar, The Conference of the Birds, hundreds of birds embark on a perilous journey across seven treacherous valleys in search of a king who can right the wrongs of their world. The troubles Arab Seasons

And Then There Were None

Cuadro Gallery Art Days Dubai 2013 ”And Then There Were None”, Is an installation of tactile spheres each representing a leader from time. Injecting a twist of dark humor, we present the installation in parallel with the popular nursery rhyme, The Little Indians. Warning of the timeless phenomena of dictatorship while playfully questioning a day And Then There Were None