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The Ring of Life in Dubai Design Week

The Ring of Life at Dubai Design Week Bokja installation

Featured at Dubai’s Design District from November 8 – 13, Bokja’s latest installation ironically titled “Let’s Talk About the Weather” is focused on doing what the brand does best: using craftsmanship to provoke conversations around pressing topics facing our entire species.

Conceived as a boxing ring with a central punching bag and onlooking cushions, the installation welcomes anyone to enter “the ring of life” and confront our most urgent issues, be it the environment, catastrophes, heartbreaks, and calamities. To personalize the experience, participants will receive strips of ribbon to write down urgent topics of their choice, both personal and universal. The only question to answer: “What anguish drives your anger?”

Dubai Design Week Bokja
Dubai Design Week Bokja

Through this interactive and evolving installation, we have created valuable opportunities for everyone to engage in conversation and reflect on topics that move them and are close to their hearts. Across the Dubai melting pot, we have been confronted with angry declarations touching on deep topics and seriousness such as the war in Iran, infertility, the emancipation of women or the fear of Europeans about the Ukraine war. Even many Lebanese also came to talk about the political situation in their country. Our “Ring of Life” has taken on a life of its own, we are grateful for their trust and now we feel indebted and maintained. However, it is up to us to find the right path to follow and continue to bring their “expressions of anger to life.”