Bisri Pines Diptych L
Embroidery Velvet Cushion


In 2020, the people of Lebanon were victorious in saving the Bisri Valley from a dam scheduled for construction. The embroidery of pine trees, ‘bisri’, a commemoration of the Lebanese pine forest and the people who protect it, guardians of the land. The pine trees grow strong out of the fertile ancient soil. Let this be a reminder of the Bisri valley, the sweet smell of pine trees that lingers in our mountains and the men and women who helped make them guardians of our land.

The Bisri Pines cushion is embroidered and made on a velvet fabric.


Design pattern


Professional Clean only. To prevent fading and maintain upholstery’s optimal condition, avoid direct sunlight.

Cushion composition

Pillow filling is made with plant of animal by-products classified as category 3 – feathers and down. 

Threads are 90% cotton, 10% viscose