Lolita chair

A marriage of structure and spontaneity, the Checkmate print picks flowers from Huda’s personal Ottoman cushions and scatters them across checkered trellises. Like the collection’s absorption with chaos and order, we find ourselves wrestling with the desire for both freedom and entanglement. Over the years, the process of making Bokja items has crystallized, paving the way for the creation of an established aesthetic language. Each year, a series of furniture specimens is selected from Bokja’s extensive portfolio as icons to exemplify this aesthetic. Every final product is one-of-a-kind and unlike the next. Bokja’s Lolita chair comes tightly dressed in blushing hues. Its backrest curves softly to accommodate the seated body in place. Lolita’s skin represents the ultimate union of narratives from across the Silk Road. Bokja collects colors, patterns and textile fragments, fusing them together in unexpected arrangements through embroidery.

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Lolita Chair

Professional Clean only. To prevent fading and maintain upholstery’s optimal condition, avoid direct sunlight.

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