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Silk Bokja Robe


Bokja’s Signature – Reversible Silk Bokja Robe

Gold and luminous, the origin is rooted in an embroidery discovered on an old Cardinal’s robe. Large motifs of a sun and bird feature prominently before being juxtaposed with a BOKJA assemblage overlay. Holy. Psychedelic. Sparks of purple and blue and more only feed the dimensions of this truly rich and enigmatic fabric.

Luxurious. Timeless. Unisex. Bokja reversible printed silk robes, and luxury robes. An early icon of Bokja, these two-fold, story-rich masterpieces feature beautiful variations on a collection theme. Pick a side. Wear with confidence.


Design pattern



Twin Side Slit Pockets

Care Instruction

Dry Clean Only

Bokja Sizing Guide

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Our styles can be adjusted to your sizing. If you have any wishes regarding alterations or sizing, please get in touch with us via email info@bokja.com or by Whatsapp . We are here to help!