Raindrops round cushions mini sphera Bokja pouf
bokja soundofmusic round cushions sphera bokja pillow
Raindrops Bokja Mini Sphera 2
Raindrops Bokja Mini Sphera
Raindrops round cushions mini sphera Bokja pouf

Print Linen Mini Sphera


Raindrops on Roses or Roses coming down like rain? As one of our most esteemed garden flowers, we use them abundantly in celebration, food, medicine and on our prints. The Mini sphere, al-kura in Arabic, is regularly associated with concepts of equality, completeness and unity. It is used to understand and represent things like atomic particles as well as astronomical bodies in space, like the sun, moon and earth.

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Every Bokja piece is a creation of artisans and one-of-a-kind; products may contain natural variations and inaccuracies.