Raindrops / Moonrise
Raindrops Moonrose
Raindrops Moonrose newlegs 2
Raindrops Moonrose newlegs 4
Raindrops Moonrose newlegs 5
Raindrops Moonrose newlegs 6
Raindrops Moonrose newlegs 7
Raindrops / Moonrise


Raindrops on Roses or Roses coming down like rain? As one of our most esteemed garden flowers, we use them abundantly in celebration, food, medicine and on our prints. Ottomans were generally the centerpiece of a home, piled with ornate cushions, offering an ample seating area for many. This sizable round ottoman with a back rest is no exception.

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With Bokja you’re not just buying off-the-shelf furniture. Here you get a chance to make it fit your taste and your lifestyle.  
For special personalization and price information please contact us at info@bokja.com

Professional Clean only. To prevent fading and maintain upholstery’s optimal condition, avoid direct sunlight.