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Migration Sofa at Li Edelkoort Museum Coverpage Bokja
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The Migration Stories references stories of movement and change which come from all over the world.  Reflecting the impact of war, taxes, instability, the economy or even love, the Bokja team has created a collection which captures the very fundamental human experience of bundling up belongings, packing away treasure and moving on.

The Migration Stories reflects the hopes and fears of all people, especially the young, who make the brave decision to create a home of their own far from their family or the place where they were born.  This intriguing show brings together an emotive assemblage of textural exhibits, memorabilia and objects which conjure a sense of change, loss and resolution.

The idea of shifting boundaries will be clear to see in the accompanying Migration wallpaper and rugs each bearing the motif of the birds which make an annual migration from one part of the world to another. A variety of individually crafted pieces of furniture within an immersive environment conjuring the spiritual and practical aspects of human migration.

The Migration sofa (below) has been specially created for the Milan show. It is much more than a piece of furniture. Look closely and you can see that it embodies the concept of migration and travel. The sofa appears to carry a burden of rolled up rugs and bedding on its ‘back’ and the drawer at the base evokes a suitcase full of clothes. The ‘wings’ on each side are flexible and can flap in and out, like a bird on the wing or the rudder of a  plane or ship!

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