Artistic Interventions

Dare Bokja to intervene on special projects from installations to restorations, for sharp and imaginary results.

showroom monkey business tapestry bokja

In our textile stories, monkeys- a reflection of ourselves- frolick across a tactile landscape of bleeding trees and fading coral reefs, occupied with their distractions- a beauty mask, headphones, and emojis.

Migration Sofa at Li Edelkoort Museum Coverpage Bokja

Inspired by the new reality of the world, people forever on the move in search of a new beginning.

Monkey Business Bokja Tapestry

Throughout time and across cultures, the three wise monkeys are iconic visual cues to ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.’

bokja installation arab seasons1

Bokja's map of the "Arab Fall" interweaves imported jeans as a backdrop for the sad reality of an Arab world where imported fads and fast foods have replaced timeless traditions and native delicacies.

bokja installation bug volkswagen5

Our debut installation was a once dilapidated Volkswagen Beetle dressed up in a surprisingly cheerful and textural patchwork of clashing fabrics.

Bokja bees

As a crusade for the endangered bees, a series of installations was initiated to raise awareness about the disappearing honeybees and to keep the little champions buzzing.

Bokja armchair migration

Migration Stories reference people on the move - an experience everyone will recognise and relate to.

Hanging on Bokja thumbnail

As a commemoration of the 50th anniversary for Phoenicia Hotel, we concocted a cartographical installation inspired by Beirut’s pre-war glory days.

bokja Conversation Sofa 15

The S-Shaped sofa presented two sofas - not as in dependant and final objects - but as a collection of stories pieced together from a vibrant collage of different contemporary and vintage fabrics from around the world.