Bokja USAID Warmth

, Bokja decided to help individuals and families affected by the Beirut Blast, offering 100 Bed Covers Handcrafted in Lebanon and Made with Love to keep 100 Households Warm.

The Women Collective trolley thumbnail

Collaborated with The Women Collective to support, connect and empower a group of women.

bokja fashion hoodie 169 1

Hoodies boast an embroidery of pine trees, commemorating the miraculous saving of the Bisri valley.

Tahaddi bags Bokja

Bokja partnered with Tahaddi, an organization that strives to provide quality health and education services to economically and socially marginalized families in Beirut.

bokja habitat collective chairs context2 169

Bokja’s Huda Baroudi and Saudi’s first female race car driver, Reema Juffali sitting on the dining room chairs designed for Habitat for Humanity Lebanon. 

Bokja Press Photos Sayidaty Mask 1

At a time when medical supplies are running low, we found a great opportunity to continue employing our talented craftspeople and create reversible silk masks to donate to the frontline warriors at medical centers in Beirut.

March Partnership dolls

Bokja seeks to expand its horizons through collaborations with exciting and relevant agencies and individuals. In our recent collaborations, we have focused on supporting small businesses and NGOs across the country.

Creative space landscape web

CSB-SD students were grateful to receive five intensive workshops at Bokja Design studio’s inspiring atelier.

women totem 169

Women, Women, Women is an artistic intervention represented by five sculptures of women. Each totem, made of stacked poufs upholstered with textiles gathered from around the world, represents female attributes:  independence, empathy, compassion, nurturance, and strength.

phenomenal women

Bokja Design embarks on a new mission with the community organization ‘Phenomenal Women’ to create the Bokja Bralette.