bokja spring summer 23 collection wearables

BOKJA Summer 23

A Fragile State

The spring/summer 2023 collection found its natural home in the ceramic’s studio of Rasha Nawam and Marylynn Massoud – world class ceramists and dear friends of BOKJA.

Bokja Flower Brooch Jeanne d'Arc


The Jeanne d’Arc Flower Brooch

Our Flower fairy, Jeanne d’Arc eloped at a tender age to marry Michel, she had to borrow a dress yet she refused to get married without a special flower in her hair.

She took a flower from a bombonniere and vowed that no bride should ever marry without a flower in her head.

And so it began …
Handmade with love by Jeanne d’Arc

Lady Cushion Bokja CS i

Flower Blooming season

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bisri tapestry noura brasserie by laura gonzales


Redesigned by Laura Gonzales

Laura Gonzales commissioned Bokja to embroider the Bisri tapestry for Noura Brasserie in Marceau, Paris. The redesigned restaurant aims to create a warm and inviting ambiance. The tapestry, inspired by the majestic pines of Lebanon’s Bisri Valley, showcases Bokja’s commitment to preserving traditional embroidery techniques and revitalizing craftsmanship.

The pine tree embroidery by Bokja commemorates the successful preservation of the Bisri Valley, symbolizing the guardians of the land and the significance of conserving nature for future generations. These embroidered designs serve as poignant reminders of Lebanon’s cultural heritage and the imperative to safeguard our precious natural resources.

bisri trees tapestry noura brasserie by laura gonzales
Beit Tamanna Guesthouse Bokja Hills are Alive

Beit Tamanna Guesthouse x Bokja Hills are Alive Bedroom

Bokja Collaboration

Being part of this beautiful initiative to fulfill the wishes of Tamanna’s children across Lebanon is a pleasure for Bokja. The room is imagined from our latest collection Sound of Music. The collection is revealed in the melodic stream of sounds and colors echoing from deep in the valley. Lingering in the beautiful foolishness of things, we learned through play. An ode to life, an ode to joy, an ode to music, an ode to springtime. We assembled these moments into a series of skins to dress our furniture, wallpaper, pillows cherishing collective memories of our childhood.

Beit Tamanna Guesthouse Hills are Alive Bokja
Beit Tamanna Guesthouse Bokja Room Hills are Alive picture credits by Roger Moukarzel