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As we expose ourselves to heightened degrees of uncertainty, we find our truest nature. To feel fragile is to feel human. Like with embellished garments, over time, through wear & tear and exposure to the elements, they become undone, mattering only as fiber and no longer as garment. Imbued with life, a frail piece is a storyteller, charged memorabilia and proof of the notion that nothing is lost, everything is transformed.

Bokja Cushions mimosa embroidered

Flower Blooming season

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Bokja x Laura Gonzales


A special collaboration with our favorite designer Laura Gonzalez! A pleasure to have worked on a fine-looking bed cover embroidered by our skilled artisans.

Laura Gonzalez showcased a scenography focusing on decorative landscape influenced by the East “La révélation m’est venue d’Orient”.

Bokja Laura Gonzales Bed Cover 1
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Zero Waste Policy

True to the brand’s commitment to resourcefulness, each piece is produced with minimum waste by skilled artisans at Bokja’s Beirut atelier. The leftovers of one piece can be the beginnings of an entirely new design or collection, starting a never-ending loop of material use and production. Textiles are restored, repaired, modified, constructed and reimagined, embracing values of slow design processes, both careful and reflective.

Bokja Zero Waste
Bokja Ottomania tablecloth

Bokja Ottomania Embroidered Tablecloth

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Beit Tamanna Guesthouse Bokja Hills are Alive

Beit Tamanna Guesthouse x Bokja Hills are Alive Bedroom

Bokja Collaboration

Being part of this beautiful initiative to fulfill the wishes of Tamanna’s children across Lebanon is a pleasure for Bokja. The room is imagined from our latest collection Sound of Music. The collection is revealed in the melodic stream of sounds and colors echoing from deep in the valley. Lingering in the beautiful foolishness of things, we learned through play. An ode to life, an ode to joy, an ode to music, an ode to springtime. We assembled these moments into a series of skins to dress our furniture, wallpaper, pillows cherishing collective memories of our childhood.

Beit Tamanna Guesthouse Hills are Alive Bokja
Beit Tamanna Guesthouse Bokja Room Hills are Alive picture credits by Roger Moukarzel
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