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BOKJA Fall Winter 23/24


Designed with versatility in mind,our multi-print Hoodie features a loose fit design that includes a drawstring hood, kangaroo pockets, and long sleeves.

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” On a cold and frosty winters night,
There’s nothing more than I desire
To Wrap a blanket good and Tight, … ” – Phil Ward

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Bokja wool : lavalan insulation

A truly natural, renewable and sustainable alternative to polyester fillings.

lavalan® – the wool insulation is the functional fibrefill solely made from natural and renewable raw materials, virgin wool and corn.

Quite often synthetics are used to insulate clothing and accessories, whereas nature already offers highly functional and complex raw materials.

Galerie Laura Gonzalez Mirror


In collaboration with Laura Gonzalez

The latest collaboration between Bokja Design and Laura Gonzalez, the Stand-up River Mirror, reflects a river rushing to carve its path. This story is told through cotton thread weaves, intertwining to create a play of textures and reliefs that captivate the eye. Bokja Design’s embroidery is applied on a mirror with a polished brass base, covered in fabric meticulously crafted with a hand-guided embroidery machine by Jamil, the master embroiderer at Bokja. The color palette chosen by Laura Gonzalez for this piece is a harmonious blend of teal, Monet yellow, and orival beige tones.

HDGalerie Laura Gonzalez Sept23 62 OK

Photo credits Stephan Juilliard

Bokja Life auction the ready hand Daybed


Buckle up ! The Daybed that Rocks

A rattan-made daybed, gently rocking you to dream on a lazy spring afternoon, dressed in Bokja flower patterns to help Life Auction raise funds for students.

Designed by Huda Baroudi and Maria Hibri, its workmanship was entrusted to the know-how of rattan artisans, weaving their lines around and across the bed. The fabric, a Bokja forte, was fitted around the rattan frame by talented upholsterers. It is an ode to craftsmanship, which is at the heart of every design by Bokja collective.

Bokja Daybed Life auction - The ready hand.
Bokja Daybed Life auction - The ready hand

Photo credits Tarek Moukaddem

cushions bokja

A cocooning mood

Discover our cushions collection

bisri tapestry noura brasserie by laura gonzales


Redesigned by Laura Gonzales

Laura Gonzales commissioned Bokja to embroider the Bisri tapestry for Noura Brasserie in Marceau, Paris. The redesigned restaurant aims to create a warm and inviting ambiance. The tapestry, inspired by the majestic pines of Lebanon’s Bisri Valley, showcases Bokja’s commitment to preserving traditional embroidery techniques and revitalizing craftsmanship.

The pine tree embroidery by Bokja commemorates the successful preservation of the Bisri Valley, symbolizing the guardians of the land and the significance of conserving nature for future generations. These embroidered designs serve as poignant reminders of Lebanon’s cultural heritage and the imperative to safeguard our precious natural resources.

bisri trees tapestry noura brasserie by laura gonzales
Meat the Fish Spaces Bokja London

Garden Tapestry | Meat the Fish London

Bokja Bespoke Project

Meat the fish london Bokja Embroideries
Meat the fish london Bokja Embroideries

Introducing Bokja’s tapestry at the grand opening of Meat the Fish Restaurant in London designed by Maria Group. Inspired by Beirut’s scenic public gardens, their hometown, Bokja was given full creative liberty to design this wall piece. By incorporating iconic indigenous elements from our archives and the local ecosystem, we have crafted a captivating piece. Step into a world of artistic charm as you dine at this newly opened establishment.