Bokja is a socially engaged luxury brand based in Beirut. The agency seeks to support and preserve textile craft practices by creating unique and personable items from furniture to fashion. Each Bokja surface comes impregnated with layers and layers of texture, patterns and colors, telling the story of our present moment.

Sustainability is built into Bokja’s ethos, instinctively and unawarely since the brand’s inception; it is manifested in our zero-waste policy, empowerment of regional craft communities, and in our visual message, dealing with topics from ecological narratives to women power.

activtist bokja

As ‘craftivist’ platform, Bokja aims to be an active participant in conversations related to ecological awareness and social injustice through our preferred medium: textile.

Orgainc Poplin Bokja

Bokja has been committed to sustainable practices and has adapted its brand to an ever-changing landscape of sustainable products.

Zero waste policy banner

Bokja's signature is a visually chaotic assembly of fabric pieces stitched together to articulate a unified message.