Bokja at Dubai Design Week

16 November 2022

Bokja Fashion Trust Arabia Dubai Design Week The Ring of Life

FASHION TRUST ARABIA - The Beirut-based brand presented their latest installation, “Let’s Talk About the Weather,” at Dubai Design Week.

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Pillow Stack Bokja Design Lets talk about the weather

GHEIR - تشهد دبي حالياً زخماً كبيراً ونشاطات فنية متنوعة بالتزامن مع عقد الدورة الجديدة من أسبوع دبي للتصميم. ومن بين أبرز الفعاليات التي ندعوكم للمشاركة فيها، ستطلق Bokja، مجسّماً فنياً بتاريخ 8 الى 13 نوفمبر 2022 تحت عنوان “Let’s Talk About the Weather”.

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CN traveler Bokja

CNTRAVELER - When a devastating explosion tore through Beirut, Lebanon, last summer, the capital city's independent artists and designers, whose jewel box shops and busy studios fill the neighborhoods closest to the blast zone, were among those particularly impacted. For the country it was the latest tragedy in a year already marked by the pandemic and a collapsed economy.

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