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“Shall we STFU about NFTs, please?”: BOKJA’s latest tapestries prefer to keep it real

Small Tapestries Bokja

BOKJA’s “raison d’être” takes new forms in its latest and limited collection of 15 tongue-in-cheek tapestries, handcrafted to confront the immaterial world of blockchain.

In an attempt to continue the brand’s latest conversation via its boxing ring installation ironically titled “Let’s Talk About the Weather” – a Dubai Design District installation focused on provoking conversations around pressing topics facing our entire species – BOKJA’s new tapestries are a chance to one-up the NFT world’s bored apes and not-so-fun funky monkeys with reinterpretations of their own beloved “Monkey Business” characters. But take note: BOKJA’s are real. Tactile. Sustainable. Crafted in the material world, but equally valuable for their artistic scarcity and one-of-a-kind storytelling. In BOKJA’s world, virtual reality is not the ultimate one; it’s the now.

The tapestries’ series of monologues on the anti-NFT state of mind makes a perfect gift for friends and family invested in the beauty of the real, and the consciously slow; the slow art of embroidery meets modern dilemmas meets the artist’s hand.

Do NFTs have some competition? These tapestries have some thoughts.

Tapestry The offside