Working hand-in-hand with interior designers and architects, we invite industry experts to work with us on their latest projects, be it hotels, restaurants, events and/or homes. With our unique knowledge of home decor and textiles, as well as an established aesthetic vision, we look forward to helping you Bokjadize your space.

Meat the Fish Spaces Bokja London

Introducing Bokja's tapestry at the grand opening of Meat the Fish Restaurant in London designed by Maria Group. Inspired by Beirut's scenic public gardens, their hometown, Bokja was given full creative liberty to design this wall piece.

bisri tapestry noura brasserie by laura gonzales

Every meticulous detail in Laura Gonzalez design invites on a nostalgic journey, with colored tones and nods to the pre-war cafes of Beirut. Our craftsmen have delicately adorned the walls with hand-upholstered and embroidered panels, showcasing Bokja's signature artistry.

website Louis Vuitton Bisri Embroidery Tablecloth Napkins Bokja

Special creation for OC special +Travel High Watch Making. Revisiting our classical embroideries as table sets and cushions for the special event that was held in Courchevel.

Diya apartment Bokja

Diya is a residential project located in the upscale area of Brasilia in Baabda, Lebanon. Bokja home-staged a unit to increase the home appeal to prospective families and individual buyers.  

Ilili Restaurant Bokja

With Karim Chaya from Spock Design, we created a signature embroidered detail for all Ilili’s chairs, depicting pastoral scenes of the Lebanese landscape.

Bahrian hotel bokja

Worked closely with interior designer Ammar Basheir, we were commissioned to design and produce a series of tapestries touching on the Epic of Gilgamesh. 

Hotel de Crillon

Commissioned by Aline Asmar d’Amman, the Founder of Culture in Architecture, to intervene on an 18th century Aubusson tapestry, magnifying details and reviving it through embroidery.