Jungle escape
Green Linen Embroidered X-Bench with Metal Frame

A jungle scene embroidered onto linen with cascading vines, a darting monkey and lush plants. Commemorating Bokja’s 20th anniversary with a pair of Roman XX’s at its feet, this long piece is a densely embroidered space divider. Its seat celebrates the rich biodiversity found in the tropics, depicting its exotic foliage and lurking critters.

The x-bench exists in two sizes 2m and 1.60m.




Design pattern

Seat height

Make it yours

With Bokja you’re not just buying off-the-shelf furniture. Here you get a chance to make it fit your taste and your lifestyle.
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Every Bokja piece is a creation of artisans and one-of-a-kind; products may contain natural variations and inaccuracies.