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Meat the Fish Spaces Bokja London

Introducing Bokja’s tapestry at the grand opening of Meat the Fish Restaurant in London designed by Maria Group. Inspired by Beirut’s scenic public gardens, their hometown, Bokja was given full creative liberty to design this wall piece. By incorporating iconic indigenous elements from our archives and the local ecosystem, we have crafted a captivating piece. Step into a world of artistic charm as you dine at this newly opened establishment.

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Meat the fish london Bokja Embroideries
Meat the fish London Bokja embroideries
Meat the fish london Bokja Embroideries

Watch the Bokja process embroideries for the Meat the Fish Tapestry

We take pride in our collaborative approach, working closely with interior designers and architects to bring their latest projects to life. With our extensive knowledge of home decor and textiles, combined with a well-established aesthetic vision, we offer unique expertise in creating tapestries with meaningful narratives. We look forward for collaboration and instigate spaces. 

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