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Brasserie Noura redesigned BY LAURA GONZALES – Bisri tapestry

bisri tapestry noura brasserie by laura gonzales
bisri trees tapestry noura brasserie by laura gonzales
Noura Brasserie Paris 16e, redesigned by Laura Gonzales. Photo credit © PHILIPPE GARCIA

Laura Gonzales commissioned Bokja to embroider the Bisri tapestry for Noura Brasserie in Marceau, Paris. The redesigned restaurant aims to create a warm and inviting ambiance. The tapestry, inspired by the majestic pines of Lebanon’s Bisri Valley, showcases Bokja’s commitment to preserving traditional embroidery techniques and revitalizing craftsmanship.

The pine tree embroidery by Bokja commemorates the successful preservation of the Bisri Valley, symbolizing the guardians of the land and the significance of conserving nature for future generations. These embroidered designs serve as poignant reminders of Lebanon’s cultural heritage and the imperative to safeguard our precious natural resources.