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Shader – The reclaimed Canva

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‘Our Earth relies on a balance in which every being has a role to play and exist only through the existence of other beings.’ – from Home, by Yann Arthus Bertrand

Through exploring mankind’s intriguing connection to sustenance, Bokja seeks to create well-crafted and sustainable objects that reveal an emotional value and instill an awareness of impermanence.

Beginning with the trucks that transport fruits and vegetables, Bokja repurposed the traditional shader, or duck cloth, used to protect goods across long distances. The reclaimed waterproof canvas fabric was sourced from around Lebanon. Each cloth holds its journey proudly, distinguished by the unique surface markings and tears inflicted on it by the elements of nature.

As surface fabricators, Bokja found a strong appeal in the poetry of the cloth and surrendered to its essence. Treated like human skin, imperfections were embraced and integrated within the assemblages. The beautifully flawed objects that came about reflect on the journey of the food production chain: fruit blossom brooches, a sturdy utility apron, soft travel bags, shopper totes, dining chairs, and transportable stools.

As is the practice at Bokja, all items were created locally and in limited batches. Determined to keep the distances short but the impact wide, the collection will officially have its launch at Bokja in Saifi Village, Beirut followed by an ephemeral cafe in the space serving organic fresh juices and coffee for a week.

Primavera Moonrise Bokja arm Chair