Artistic Interventions

Dare Bokja to intervene on special projects from installations to restorations, for sharp and imaginary results.

bokja installation wearetyred3 169

The installation was first shown in Beirut as a peace protest against the burning of tyres, a campaign quickly fueled by countless responses online and in social media from around the world.

happy tree bokja thumbnail

The Bokja Happy tree is based on an ancient tradition of hanging wishes on a tree. Our tree asks its viewers to take a moment and think “What makes you happy?”

women totem 169

Women, Women, Women is an artistic intervention represented by five sculptures of women

And there were none

”And Then There Were None”, Is an installation of tactile spheres each representing a leader from time. Injecting a twist of dark humor, we present the installation in parallel with the popular nursery rhyme, The Little Indians.

bokja tapestry shader

Shader is a waterproof canvas fabric commonly used to dress transportation vehicles. Its main function is to protect goods such as fruits and vegetables from natural elements as they travel long distances.

Tapestry August 4 bokja

Strolling the streets of old Beirut, one gazes in wonder at its mysteries and layers of endless textures, remembering civilizations that passed through it and a recent ongoing history of constant permanence and impermanence.

Sound of Music Tapestry

An ode to life, an ode to joy, an ode to music, an ode to springtime. We translated these moments into a series of pillows that jab at the cherished collective memories of our childhood, recalling the classic film “The Sound of Music”.

bokja mashrabiyagarage partition2

Bokja has reinterpreted the concept of a Mashrabiya as a reaction to shifting cultural attitudes due to globalization.