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The Ring of Life in Doha Design District

The Ring of Life by Bokja Msheireb

Initiative hosted in collaboration with Msheireb Downtown Doha

Doha, Qatar, 13 December 2022: BOKJA, a Beirut-based sustainable design studio, has launched a sustainable art initiative at Doha Design District in Msheireb Downtown Doha, which combines art, sustainability and social dialogue to urge people to express their inner emotions.

The collaboration between Bokja and Doha Design District is part of the mutual partnership to promote sustainable art and offer meaningful exhibitions and programs that secure audience engagement and interaction.

The Bokja initiative combines environmental sustainability and spiritual values, using eco-friendly and recyclable materials to create an art installation that allows the audience to express their emotions and opinions on bags and strips to spark social dialogue.

Bokja aims to be an active participant in conversations related to ecological awareness and social injustice through its preferred medium: textiles. The audience can write their opinions and emotions on textiles about what makes them angry. They have the chance to unleash their creativity and feelings to give the experience a personalized touch. The installation resembles an invitation to victory and a message from Bokja – “Don’t simply get angry, do something about it. Use your strength”.
The art installation titled “Let’s talk about Weather” is more than an emotional spectrum. It is a mirror and reflection of the reality and call to open one’s eyes to fight the injustice against humanity and the planet.

The art installation is sustainable per the guidelines of Bokja. With a 6 x6 meters dimension, it simulates a boxing ring. The installation is wrapped with special textiles used to cover vegetables and items during their long journey in trucks.

The installation incorporates several cushions made from recycled silk leftovers. The boxing bag is made of textures and embroidery crafted by craftsmen in Bokja atelier. It took more than 250 hours of hard work to create the bag.

The installation will be held at Doha Design District in Msheireb Downtown Doha until 31 December from 2 pm until 10 PM.

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