Bokja Grazia Arab Homeware

Discover local talent

by Sayeedah Maryam on July 2022

If you can’t stop pinning interior inspiration to your Pinterest boards or endlessly scrolling through interior accounts on Instagram for hours, welcome to the club. It doesn’t matter whether you’re into mid-century, eclectic or a minimal interior design, we have found 6 of the the best Arab brands who cater to each of the aesthetics so you can find the most impressive homeware addition for your humble abode.

Bokja is a Lebanese brand, founded in 2000 by Huda Baroudi and Maria Hibri, the two have combined their love for art, fashion and interior to create Bokja. A concept that started 20 years ago reupholstering old furniture found in antique shops, creating the most unique combination which is also sustainable. The duo eventually expanded their business and now own a clothing line that is created with a similar approach, and a zero-waste policy.

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