Primavera Bokja Puccini Sofa
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Primavera Bokja Puccini Sofa

Linen Embroidered Puccini Sofa

This love seat is the ideal conversation starter for an intimate tête-à-tête.  Embraced by an embroidered tactile background depicting vibrant scenes of nature, secrets are absorbed by its cushions surface. 

An explosive scene of blossoming white florals intersected by golden wheat, sprinkled with olive branches. In this embroidery we snatched prevailing elements of our surrounding rural landscape, from Saida to Akkar, to express a Levantine moment. 



Design pattern

Seat height

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With Bokja you’re not just buying off-the-shelf furniture. Here you get a chance to make it fit your taste and your lifestyle.  
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Every Bokja piece is a creation of artisans and one-of-a-kind; products may contain natural variations and inaccuracies.