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lavalan® – the wool insulation –

a truly natural, renewable and sustainable alternative to polyester fillings

lavalan® – the wool insulation is the functional fibrefill solely made from natural and renewable raw materials, virgin wool and corn.

Quite often synthetics are used to insulate clothing and accessories, whereas nature already offers highly functional and complex raw materials.

Wool is a fibre that provides unmatched breathability, cozy warmth and a constant body climate regardless of activity levels or altering weather conditions. Besides its thermo regulating properties, wool is capable to neutralize bad odours for a longer use without unnecessary wash cycles. This makes lavalan the perfect insulation for everyday life, travel and multiple day mountain adventures.

The wool for lavalan is solely sourced from European countries after highest quality and animal welfare standards. European wool is mulesing-free. For lavalan it is crucial that no sheep are tortured, neither during breeding nor the shearing process.

Sheep farmers supply their freshly shorn wool to so called collection points where it is sorted after color and quality and pressed into bales. Afterwards the wool gets scoured at traditional plants in Belgium and the United Kingdom. Plant residues, sheep dung and lanolin are removed in order to get a clean, soft and consistent lavalan wool filling. Back at Baur Vliesstoffe in Germany about 60 experienced employees with a knack for wool take care of the subsequent lavalan production.